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Tonic Tutor is a lot more
than just music games

Saves Lesson Time

Assign weekly lessons that students can do at home – Tonic Tutor is accessible on any device that connects to the internet.

Tracks Results

Dive deep into individual answers for each game or get a broad overview of student progress – quickly find out what needs work.

Helps Motivate Students

Tonic Tutor has 5 different ways to reward progress and encourage students to improve their music skills, keeping them engaged.

Facilitates Communication

Teachers and students can send messages back and forth on Tonic Tutor. Want to message a group of students at once about something? It's easy!

Fully Customizable

It's easy to get started using our presets, but you have the ability to customize and tailor lessons for specific students and groups.

Organizes Your Thoughts

Lesson Notes enable you to keep a record of thoughts and ideas about a student or group that you can refer back to later.

Over 40 Music Games

Each game has customizable settings that give you fine grained control over the specific skills you want to target. Best of all, they're not boring drills – they're crafted to be fun and engaging.

Covering all three musical food groups

Ear Training

Our diverse group of ear training games focuses on Intervals, Melodies, Scales, Chords and Rhythm over a wide range of levels.

Note Reading

This group of games focuses on three different approaches: learning to identify Individual Pitches, Intervallic Reading, and reading short Melodies and Chords.

Music Theory

Our theory games focus on rudiments: Terms and Signs, Pitch Identification, Intervals, Key Signatures, Time Signatures, and more.

5 Ways to Motivate Students

Learning is its own reward, but that doesn't mean making learning fun and rewarding student progress doesn't have a huge impact. Tonic Tutor has multiple reward systems that maximize student engagement.

A virtual smorgasbord of rewards


A little bit of friendly competition between your students can be a powerful motivator. Create a contest: students can win a medal based on their rank: gold, silver, broneze, or participation.


Set a score target for a game and the number of times a student must reach it and Tonic Tutor will track the students progress and give them feedback about the goal after each game they play.

Report Cards

You have full control over how report cards are generated. Select the time range, the games, add a sticker or positive message – you can even filter out low scores to make sure the report card isn't discouraging.


Over 10,000 colourful virtual stickers that students can choose from. Stickers are the perfect way to reward student effort, and students are always excited to get them and pick the perfect sticker.


Students have the option to continue playing games to earn achievements after their weekly lesson is completed. Each game has awards based on various criteria that are tracked over time.

What teachers and students are saying

Tonic Tutor has really helped me track student progress and made learning theory much quicker. My learning disabled students were able to participate more than they were with paper and pencil worksheets.


Tonic tutor has helped me identify chords.


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