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How do you know what lesson blocks have been completed in the lesson plans you've set? A record is kept for every completed block which you can access in the student contextual menu using the Lesson>Completed Lesson Blocks link.

On this page, you can view all of the lesson blocks that have been completed along with the date they were finished and the overall score achieved. You can filter the list by typing in the name of the template or the date (you can use partial terms in both cases). Only lessons that were part of a lesson plan will show up here, if no lesson plan is set and a lesson resets, it won't be displayed on this page. It's also important to note you can set lesson plans for groups, each student in the group will have individual lesson blocks that they complete.

You can select any of the lesson blocks on this page to view detailed lesson results (you can find out more about this page in the Completed Lessons tutorial).

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