What are Lesson Years?

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So, what the heck are lesson years? You won't find a link for them anywhere on Tonic Tutor, but it's still useful to know what they are and how they work. Tonic Tutor follows the standard Western school year, starting in September and ending in June. If a student uses Tonic Tutor for more than a year, on September 1st, the lesson year will reset. This only really matters when you're looking at the Lesson Graph or Report Cards.

If a student has been using Tonic Tutor for multiple years and has hundreds of completed lessons, it would make viewing that data on the Lesson Graph incomprehensible. Grouping the lessons by year is a way to limit the data sets in a way that makes a bit more sense than if we were lumping them all together. Easily manageable data is good data!

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